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Meet Dr. Nate Coffin

Dr. Nate headshotChiropractic has been a part of my life since I was an infant. My parents realized back then that chiropractic benefited all ages and was about enhancing human health and potential. When a seventh grade science teacher wanted to send me to a science fair, he asked me if what I wanted to do as a vocation had anything to do with science. I said, “chiropractic.”

While my family benefited from chiropractic I started to take an uncanny interest in health and fitness at a young age. I stopped consuming sodas, candy, and most junk food including pizza all through high school. I became a freshman letterman in cross-country and realized that chiropractic was a good fit for my lifestyle.


I entered chiropractic college at the young age of 20 and knew what I wanted to do. I took extensive courses in extra-curricular study to master spinal analysis and adjusting technique. Having been in practice over twenty-five years, I have since developed a high level of certainty to improve the health and lifestyles of those in my community.

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