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About Vibrant Life Chiropractic

Hands making heart around sunOur modern chiropractic office is backed by years of experience. Here, we make it our goal to improve the quality of life for everyone, regardless of their age. There’s no hidden agenda. We simply want the best, most stress-free experience for every patient. We were voted as People’s Choice Best Chiropractor by Redlands’ Best in 2019!

Dr. Nate Coffin graduated from chiropractic school in Los Angeles in 1987. His fun demeanor and lifelong mentors have made him into the comprehensive clinician that he is today. Although he provides chiropractic care for all ages, his passion is working with prenatal patients and young children, providing a full-circle approach for healthy wellbeing.

Caring for Patients Across the Spectrum

Chiropractic care is a personalized experience that assesses more than just your skeletal anatomy. Dr. Nate has experienced firsthand how therapies can alleviate tension and trauma that otherwise debilitate patients as young as newborn infants.

By transforming someone with life-altering challenges into a place where they thrive can impact a family’s quality of life for years to come. Dr. Nate has worked with patients as young as one or two days old, where feeding and birth challenges caused setbacks, watching babies transition into a healthy bonding relationship with their mother after just a series of sessions.

How Our Practice Stands Out

Our new facility provides more space and better equipment to serve the families in our community. From our investment in the best technology to a central location for our clients, we’re excited to continue providing the same quality of care that Dr. Nate has been known to provide for over three decades.

When you visit for the first time, we’ll walk you through the process and demonstrate adjustments if you’ve never had one. You won’t have to worry about being caught off guard or concerned about how things will feel. Your comfort is crucial and you play a unique role in determining the extent and frequency of your treatments.

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We strive to provide a personalized, pressure-free, quality experience for every patient. Contact our Redlands chiropractic office to reserve an appointment.

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